BeeTee is the UK's leading bouncy castle manufacturer, inflatable manufacturer and inflatable supplier
Beetee the UK's leading bouncy castle manufacturer, inflatable manufacturer and inflatable supplier
Manufacturers of inflatable play equipment SINCE 1976

About BeeTee

We are celebrating our 48th anniversary in the inflatable industry. We are the longest established UK bouncy castle manufacturer operating under the same management and brand name, BEE-TEE has been in the inflatable industry since 1976 and we are still a family owned business. Our management team in both design and production have a combined total of over 100 years experience. The BEE-TEE brand has a history of which we are extremely proud.

We are delighted to present our 2024 product range. Throughout these pages we offer a vast product range all of which are either new or improved upon as we constantly strive towards perfection. 

About The Industry:
The inflatable industry like any other industry offers a wide range of bouncy castle manufacturers with products at different levels of quality and price. The inflatable purchaser can choose between a manufacturer at the budget end or a manufacturer at the premium end, but there is a significant performance and durability difference between the two.

Buying inflatables at the budget end is not of interest to the serious inflatable purchaser. An inflatable must be of a design the inflatable user is attracted to but more importantly the inflatable must perform. If a leading brand wants to achieve longevity and respectability in the market place it must offer the highest quality at value for money, this is only available at the premium end. The BEE-TEE brand is renowned worldwide.

The inflatable industry is buoyant, therefore it follows that competition at the budget end of the inflatable industry has increased significantly, why? because as with any market place which is buoyant, individuals try to capitalise. Recently many new bouncy castle manufacturers have appeared, however, starting manufacturing often with little or no experience and usually underfunded results in crude assembly from inferior materials. They produce inflatables that can only be sold at a cheap price. Purchasing from a manufacturer of this type is not an option to the serious inflatable buyer. You only get what you pay for! and quality always comes at a price. The BEE-TEE brand combines quality with value.

How Are BEE-TEE Different?

BEE-TEE’s policy towards competition has always been to provide the most creative designs. We set a standard of quality that is impossible to improve upon. We use the very best materials and a dedicated in house design team. We constantly reinvest and upgrade our production equipment. New machinery is purchased that offers a true technological advancement in the manufacture of quality inflatables. Our response to competition at all levels is to continue this policy for it has stood us in good stead for the past forty years. True technological advancement has a cost and the challenge to all inflatable purchasers is to accept that ultimately quality comes at a price and the trust in a brand, BEE-TEE.

Inflatables are highly technical in both design and manufacture being subject to the highest level of performance and quality demands. BEE-TEE inflatables along with all ancillary equipment conform to all current UK and EU requirements. Our products are all automatically upgraded to meet any ongoing change to safety standards. We are accredited PIPA testers.

The inflatable products throughout this catalogue are a direct result of customer demand. The variety of designs are indicative of our awareness of the changing demand of not only you the inflatable buyer but equally as important to us both, your customer the inflatable user! BEE-TEE are a market leader in the UK and have exported products to over seventy countries. Thousands of satisfied customers have made their purchase decision with the BEE-TEE brand. 

"Experience our experience"

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