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Bouncy Castle Play mats

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These play mats are available in any colour and are suitable for a vartiety of of uses, they are ideal for bouncy castles as they are the required minimum width to comply to the standard BS/EN14960, mats used on the open sides of a bouncy castle must be 1.2m/ 4' wide.

WARNING - There are many cheap bouncy castle mats available for sale on the internet, many manufacturers offer recycled chipped foam which is substandard and ultimately breaks down and compresses after little use, in addition even if mats are advertised as 2" / 50mm depth in order to cut costs the foam is low density and offers very little impact absortion for the user. These kinds of playmats should really be avoided.

Colour Required
YOU'VE SELECED ·  Size 6' x 4' ·  Colour Required Red
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Size 1 6' x 4'
Size 2 10' x 5' Folding
Height 2
Options Any Colour
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