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Super Party Bouncer (Sea)

Product Code : SPB5
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The Super Party Bouncer Contains the following pro features

  • Quadruple reinforced Anchorage
  • Reinforced Colour coded bed and step seams
  • A5 Flyer and Business card holder
  • Integral secure cam buckle blower tube system
  • Reinforced Colour coded shower covers stitched to walls
  • Bee Tee Aquadrain to remove any internaly trapped water
  • Netted Backwalls for additional safety
  • Two extra long zips for instant deflation
  • Heavy Duty Quicklock strap with castle ID tag
  • Protect your investment with our hidden GPS pocket

10’ x 13’ Cost  £1195.00 + VAT

12’ x 15’ Cost £1295.00 + VAT

14’ x 19’ Cost £1795.00 + VAT

£1,195.00ex VAT
Specifications Additional Info Media Reviews News/Case Studies
Size 1 10’ x 13’ - 3.05m x 3.96m Height 3.28m - 10'9
Size 2 12’ x 15’ - 3.66m x 4.58m Height 3.28m - 10'9
Size 3 14’ x 19’ - 4.26m x 5.75m Height 12' - 3.65m
Included Anchor Stakes- Shower/Sun Cover
Options Any theme or Colour
User Numbers 10' x 13' Upto 1m tall = 5users - 1m-1.2m = 4users - 1.2m-1.5m = 3users 1.5m+ No
User Numbers 12' x 15' Upto 1m tall = 8users - 1m-1.2m = 6users - 1.2m-1.5m = 5users 1.5m+ No
User Numbers 14' x19' Upto 1m tall = 10users - 1m-1.2m = 8users - 1.2m-1.5m = 6users 1.5m+ 5
Packed Dimensions 10' x 13' 86 x 66 x 61cms
Packed Dimensions 12' x 15' 89 x 76 x 76cms
Packed Dimensions 14' x 19' 110 x 80 x 80cms
Weight 66Kg 86Kg 110Kg
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